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Like Father, Like Son

[Greenwood Sanitarium, circa 1920. REF file: Greenwood Sanitarium, McGovern Historical Center, TMC Library]

by Joy Oria, Archives Intern What is insanity? This and other weighty questions were pondered by James Greenwood Sr., MD during his long career in neuropsychiatry. His papers reflect his experiences treating patients at the Greenwood Sanitarium, which he operated from 1912 until his death in 1949. The sanitarium was located in Houston, Texas, south […]

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Akio AWA Cartoons Exhibit

by Matt Richardson, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. There’s a new exhibit from the archives of the McGovern Historical Center on display in the main TMC Library. The exhibit, located on the Jones Library Street Level, features cartoons drawn by Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission researcher Akio AWA, Sc.D. AWA joined the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission […]

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Windows into the McGovern Historical Center

TMC Library Exhibit Featuring McGovern Historical Center Archival Collections

by Matt Richardson, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian October is Archives Month! The TMC Library is celebrating with a special opportunity to support the McGovern Historical Center. Help us secure the history of the Texas Medical Center. Since the McGovern Historical Center is headquartered a couple miles south of the main TMC Library, visibility […]

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IC 058 Exhibit in the TMC Library


by Matt Richardson, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian If you find yourself in the TMC Library (and we hope you will!), you’ll notice a new exhibit showcasing materials from the McGovern Historical Center. This exhibit highlights our extensive Texas State Board of Medical Examiners records (IC 058). If that sounds familiar, it may be because […]

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The TMC Library in 1961

Sandra Yates Archivist and Special Collections Librarian The TMC Library has been located in the Jesse H. Jones Library Building since the building opened in 1954. Below are promotional images of the library’s interior and facilities from 1961. It is interesting to see how much the library has changed in 55 years. For one thing, […]

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Centennial Photo Display: 1960's, Part III

Alethea Drexler archives assistant We had room in the case so we went back and added a few more. Two more Joseph Schwarting illustrations.  The girl with the umbrella is particularly charming: The machine at right in the image below appears to be a Travenol-type artificial kidney.  Hemodilaysis machines were invented in the Netherlands in […]

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Centennial: Photo Display, Part II

Grand Central Railroad Station, circa 1900-1915 [1] – 431 Franklin Street (near I-45 and Washington Avenue). Built in 1887, replaced in the 1934 by the Art Deco station that is now incorporated into Minute Maid Park, and demolished in 1960[3]. For many years, Houston advertised itself as “The City Where 17 Railroads Meet the Sea” […]

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Centennial: Photo Display, Part I

Alethea Drexler archives assistant Let the Centennial celebration begin! We have a new display in the Library lobby of photographs of Houston in the early twentieth century.  Most of them are not directly related to medicine; there are a few of George Hermann and of some of the early hospitals, but the rest are simply […]

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Life and Limb

By Philip Montgomery Archivist The Texas Medical Center Library is hosting a National Library of Medicine exhibit called Life and Limb: The Toll of the American Civil War. Here Sandra Yates, archivist/special collections librarian, arranges lancets and an 18th century bleeding bowl as part of the items on display from the McGovern Historical Center. Creating […]

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