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Thingamajig: medication packaging

By Alethea Drexler Archives Assistant For this week’s Thingamajig, I dug out some of the more picturesque vintage medication packages.  Sometime, seemingly in the 1940’s or 1950’s, medication boxes and bottles started to look very much like modern boxes and bottles, but some of the older examples are pretty artistic. (These photographs have been spliced… Continue Reading Thingamajig: medication packaging […]

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Thingamajig: baleen and Hyfrecator

By Alethea Drexler Archives Assistant Thingamajig took a vacation last week, but it’s back. The mystery objects in the black lacquered case were called “bougies,” and they were basically medical pipe-cleaners.  They were used to remove debris from small wounds and orifices; the one of the most commonly-cited uses involved dislodging urethral calculi. They are… Continue Reading Thingamajig: baleen and Hyfrecator […]

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Dissertations and Theses

The culmination of an advanced degree is usually a document describing and proving an original contribution to scholarship. Today’s scholars typically put their Dissertations or Theses online, such as the ones available at DigitalCommons@ The Texas Medical Center No electronic publishing for the 17th century student! Students at Basel Switzerland were among some of the… Continue Reading Dissertations and Theses […]

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